Professional Sound - April 2021

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April 2021

Vol.XXXII No.2




St. Paul’s Bloor Street

New Sound in a Historic Space

By Michael Raine

With a history that goes back to the 1840s, St. Paul’s Bloor Street, the largest church in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, has hosted many historic events in its time, including the first televised church service ever in Canada in 1953. The “new” church in this three-building complex, which was built in 1913, was in need of a significant audio and video upgrade, but required a system that wouldn’t distract from the building’s grand and ornate character. 


The Farm Studios 8.0

From the live floor to the forest floor, Garth Richardson’s got it covered

By Andrew Leyenhorst

While Grammy and Juno-winning producer Garth Richardson’s state-of-the-art Farm Studios is constantly evolving, his latest upgrades to the facility are quite literally the most groundbreaking to date. GGGarth joins Professional Sound from British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast to dig into the newly-installed audio architecture that allows him to record anywhere across the idyllic forest hideaway. 


Daniel Lanois

Keeps It Old School While Looking Forward

By Manus Hopkins

While he’s still going strong, Daniel Lanois has already reached near-legendary status through his work on classic albums by Bob Dylan, U2, Peter Gabriel, and so many more. With Professional Sound, the Canadian producer chats about recording technology, songwriting, and getting the best performance while reflecting on the lessons learned along the way.  


Yoop’s eSpaces

Bringing Fans Closer Than Ever

By Kevin Young

Although it will still be some time before we’ll experience the energy and sense of community of a “normal” live event, the pandemic has prompted many firms – whose stock in trade is mounting shows, conferences, and events – to innovate relentlessly, and Montreal-based entertainment company Yoop is no exception.


Loudness Metering for Drive-In & Livestreaming Concerts

Secrets to Aid FOH Engineers in this New Paradigm

By Wayne Hawthorne

Over the last year, the audio world has seen more and more livestreaming events take place. As well, we’ve seen the invention of a completely new live format, the drive-in concert. With this evolution, many mixers who were used to mixing on large PA systems have had to adapt to a different way of thinking.





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