Professional Lighting & Production - Summer 2021

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Professional Lighting & Production

Summer 2021 Vol. 25 No. 2




Lighting & Set design for Canada’s Drag Race

Lights. Camera. Drag!

By Michael Raine

The immensely popular reality competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race has spawned international spin-offs – from Australia to the Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, and Chile – which are each tasked with capturing the style and joy of the original while putting their unique stamp on the brand. Of course, we’re talking about drag queens here, so that brand is all about glitz, camp, and having a lot of damn fun! The lighting and set designers for the Canadian iteration, Canada’s Drag Race, explain their take on the show and how it came together.


Street Signs & Dynamic Designs

Manufacturing Moment Factory’s Public Space Productions

By Andrew Leyenhorst

Montreal’s Moment Factory is a known quantity for its extravagant multimedia productions, ranging from live concert and streaming design with some of the world’s premiere touring artists to whimsical augmented reality experiences and beyond. A company that likes to prove that the world is indeed a stage, PL&P sits down with Moment Factory Creative Director Cheryl Catterall to discuss the firm’s engaging public space projects, how they come together, and what makes them so important.


Setting the Tone

Montreal’s Athletes Train Under Title Fight Lighting

By Andrew Leyenhorst

Any great athlete longs for the adrenaline of competition, the spoils of victory, and the vindication of all their efforts to perform at the highest level; of course, there’s also the tantalizing appeal of those victorious moments in the spotlight. Montreal’s Boxxing Studio has brought that big fight feel right to the training gym with a new dynamic lighting rig, while Blackout Studio has also reversed the script on gym aesthetics. With athletics facilities such as these setting a new standard for training in style, the spotlight has never been closer.


Dissecting a Challenging Year & What Lies Ahead with the

Associated Designers of Canada

By Michael Raine

It’s been a stressful and immensely tough year for anyone who works in live performing arts, from major concert tours to local theatre productions. Few understand the current reality better than the folks running the Associated Designers of Canada (ADC), the non-profit organization that is rooted in the theatre world, but that promotes, pursues, and protects the interests of set, costume, lighting, projection, and sound designers across Canada’s live performing arts industry. PL&P chats with the ADC’s executive board about merging with IATSE, why the industry is bleeding talent, and other important issues.




Northern Lights

Southside Church in Chilliwack, BC & a one-shot livestream experience with electro-alternative artist Rayannah


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Product Spots

New products & technologies for the lighting, video & staging markets


In Focus

Ian Haslauer & Peter Hendrickson


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Project Update

State-of-the-art TV studios for Germany’s WeltN24, Australian launch event for the Lamborghini Huracán STO & more


Cover Photo: Canada’s Drag Race courtesy of Bell Media