Professional Lighting & Production - Spring 2021

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Professional Lighting & Production

Spring 2021 Vol. 25 No. 1




The Only Show in Town

Hotels Live Offers a Completely New Type of

Concert Experience

By Michael Raine

Hotels Live has created a fresh concert model that provides fans with a COVID-safe way to experience live bands, DJ sets, comedy, and even circus shows, using hotel rooms with balconies overlooking a central pool deck, atrium, or courtyard. It’s truly an everybody-wins scenario, and one that requires a unique production design.  


Reliving the Notorious Nightlife with

The AGO’s Studio 54: Night Magic Exhibit

By Andrew Leyenhorst

Though it was only open for less than three years, New York City’s Studio 54 is easily the most legendary night club in history. The stories of what went on inside the club, and what it all looked like, are infamous. Paul Mathiesen had a front-row seat for it all, having worked at Studio 54 as a young man, and now he has revisited those extravagant years as the installation technician and lighting designer for the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Studio 54: Night Magic exhibit.


Bringing Fans Closer Than Ever

Creating Yoop’s eSpaces

By Kevin Young

Although it will still be some time before we’ll experience the energy and sense of community of a “normal” live event, the pandemic has prompted many firms – whose stock in trade is mounting shows, conferences, and events – to innovate relentlessly, and Montreal-based entertainment company Yoop is no exception.


PL&P’s 2021 Lighting Designer Panel 

Finding Light When the Music Goes Out

By Michael Raine

It’s been a long and trying year for everyone, but especially for those who work in the live events industries. With this tough situation in mind, for our annual panel of lighting designers and directors, we wanted to find out how people are managing to stay inspired and motivated through the live event shutdowns. 




Northern Lights

The Super Bowl LV Halftime Show, dvsn at the CityView Drive-In & more


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Project Update

The League of Legends World Championship, New Year’s Eve in Brussels & more


Cover Photo: Hotels Live by Leslie Cyrynowski